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Sustainable Living
with the 7 Smart Ways to Save

Sustainable living starts with you and your home. The 7 Smart Ways to Save guide you towards achieving a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home. Once each of these measures has been taken your homes Thermal Barrier will be maximized to ensure minimum wastage of Energy in relation to the Heating and Cooling component of your energy use. It will will be better prepared to power on solar once solar power becomes more advanced and affordable.

The first and most important step in reaching sustainable living starts with ensuring your ceiling insulation is completely gap free, and free of "The 16 plus Faults" so your use of heating and cooling in reduced to a minimum.

The 7 Smart Ways to Save:

  1. Insulation Upgrade
    (Gap free, 110% coverage, with little or no need to use heating and cooling)
  2. Draftstoppa and Down Light covers
  3. Supavent
  4. Window Insulation
  5. Internal Drapes
  6. Door & window seals
  7. Ceiling Fans

New to Australia, Advanced

Thermal Camera Technology ...

has unmasked the hidden problems that cause manually placed batt type insulation to be unsuitable for insulating ceilings of homes. Batt insulation jobs with all their problems are being rectified and upgraded right throughout Canada, USA, Western Europe and the UK. If your ceiling has batt insulation you should have a Thermal Camera Check to identify how many of the 15 common faults & electrical Safety & Health issues your insulation may have. Once identified ALL these insulation problems can be rectified. A professional Upgrade will rectify all these problems & bring your poor performing insulation up to 115% of the BCA standard ...Get a Thermal Camera Check Today!

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1. Insulation Upgrade & Rectification
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Thermal Living are the first to offer you a Free Thermal Camera Imaging Energy Audit that allows you to actually physically see where you are losing money, determining the percentage of gaps.....


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