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Solar power is an alternative energy source and should be considered once the first step has been completed that is the upgrading of the energy efficiency of your home in regard to heating and air-conditioning.
Heating and air conditioning accounts for around 40%of our energy use (an area which can be reduced considerably and presently the largest single producer of greenhouse gases).

Steps to take before
Installing Solar Power

Rather than going to alternatives such as solar power as the first step, one should take all the necessary measures to in the first place;
- Keep heat out in summer from entering through ceilings, walls and windows ...AND
- In winter to stop heat loss through ceiling walls and windows
Whilst alternative energy such as solar is becoming an important step on the roadmap to sustainability the first essential step is to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home regarding heating and cooling.

Maximizing your homes Efficiency to benefit from Solar Power

With the energy efficiency measures in place you will then need less solar/ a smaller investment in solar to provide for ALL your energy needs and any extra can be sold back to industry via the grid. Go to the THE CHECKLIST of various measures -The Smart Ways to Save.

Free Home Thermal Efficiency Audit

You can start with a home health and energy audit assessment using the advanced technology of the Thermal Infra-Red Camera which will accurately reveal all your hidden areas of energy leakage. At present this service is provided FREE by us at Thermal-Living. In other advanced countries through the world it attracts charges of $99-$299.

The Future of Solar Power

We believe Solar power will see more technological breakthroughs in the near future, significantly increasing its efficiency, whilst reducing its price. Further savings such as with bulk buying power and the elimination of advertising costs (another big saving) will enable homeowners to purchase the most advanced solar power system at the lowest price through a buying group such as Thermal Livings and on terms that will enable the homeowner to use the savings to pay it off so that you the homeowner are not out of pocket, making solar power available to all homeowners in the nation without government subsidies.

To be notified of any breakthrough news register now for our solar news service and bulk buying group.

Welcome to the new age of Sustainable Living.

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