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Save Electricity

With 40% of our Electricity Bills going on Heating and Cooling- This is the area where we can make the biggest savings on Electricity.

Question: Why Do we need to turn the aircon on so often and for so long? Answer: Because our homes are very poor at keeping the heat out in summer and in in winter. i.e. There thermal performance is very poor.

Question: How can we economically upgrade the thermal efficiency of our homes to the highest achievable standard in order to save electricity?
Answer: By upgrading The Thermal Efficiency of our homes we can, not only save upto 80% on our heating and cooling costs, but can also drive down peak demand and negate the need for unneccessary and costly upgrades in infrastructure so as to avert further double digit price rises in electricity (and of course significantly reduce green house gas emissions).

Thermal Living show you how you can upgrade the
Thermal Efficiency of your home to:

save electricity.
- Enjoy natural healthy year round comfort
- Save a small fortune on heating and cooling bills
- Significantly reduce your carbon footprint and move to a sustainable way of living.

Take Advantage of our FREE HOME THERMAL EFFICIENCY ASSESSMENT using the advanced technology of the Thermal Infra RED Camera.

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Saving Electricity with Thermal Livings
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