Supa-vent Roof Vents- For roof and wall cavity ventilation.

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Supa Vent is the worlds most advanced Roof and Wall Ventilator. Australian Made it is exported to 25 countries around the world. Made from ABS Polymer the same material that crash helmets and car bumper bars are made from. Supa Vent is the only vent with fully encased, twin precision, stainless steel just keeps going and going. Withstanding even the heaviest of hailstorms, unlike metal head roof vents that can be dinted by storms, develop wobbles, make noises and prematurely wear out the bearings. Ventilation is important for the health of your home in Winter, protecting it from mould and mildew and potential termite threats, in Summer releasing the preassure cooker in your roof and Walls. Go to

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In Winter Keep excess moisture out of your roof and wall cavities, protecting structural timbers from termite infestation, by installing Supavent. roof ventilation


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