Clean Renewable Energy
Investing In Clean

Renewable Energy

Why renewable Energy?

The degradation of the Earth itself is unsustainable.
The increasing imbalance in the Earth's atmospheric mix (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) is unsustainable.

With the world in a natural cycle of earth changes and temperature increases. That itself requires major adaptation to.With humanity further adding to these two aspects of the natural's "The straw that breaks the camels back". So the transition to and the further development of clean renewable energy sources needs to be encouraged by us all.

What has been overlooked and requires greater understanding?

Whilst the emphasis has been on the importance of clean renewable energy, we have taken our eye of the very first step- That of reducing energy usage. i.e. The wastage of energy in particular our homes and particularly in regard to heating and cooling.
(We don't have blackouts with industry usage or when we use the tv or
computer more, but, we do when we turn on the air-conditioning).

Before one switches to
Renewable Energy...

One needs to completely Upgrade the Thermal Efficiency of ones Home i.e. Its heating and cooling:
" the nations single biggest producer of green house gas emissions" and makes up around 40% of household energy bills."

Step 1:

Is upgrading the Thermal Efficiency of our home. This has immediate benefits with quick payback periods and reduced emissions.
By minimizing our usage of energy we minimize the amount of renewable energy we require to meet our energy needs. (A further saving)
Obviously using less renewable energy to achieve the same outcome is more environmentally and economically sustainable.
So, 1 make sure your home is as Thermally Efficient as possible.

The only accurate way to be sure of your homes Thermal Efficiency is to have a Home Thermal Energy Audit that uses the advanced technology of the Thermal Infra-Red Camera, the only sure way to identify areas of wastage in your home that can be economically rectified and upgraded to current BCA s standards.

NOW you are ready for...

Step 2

The transition to renewable energy.

Once you have applied "THE SMART 7 WAYS to SAVE " to your home, the next step is to consider renewable energy such as solar. For a comprehensive guide see

Clean Sources of
Renewable Energy

Clean renewable Energy sources include Solar, Wind, Wave and Geo Thermal. Of these renewable energies Solar is the stand out renewable energy source, with by far the most promise to provide an economically and environmentally sustainable supply of clean renewable energy.

Speeding up the transition to Renewable Energy

At present Renewable Energy accounts for just 6.8% of New South Wales current energy usage. Even at this low figure the cost of Solar is becoming considerably cheaper and with more room for increased ( Economies of scale) will continue to fall in price per unit of energy produced, while being further reduced by continued technological advances in efficiency. The present low ratio of conversion of the suns energy into electricity presents huge scope for improvement along with promising technologies that enable the storage of that electricity. Add to this a price on pollution, the Carbon Tax and the price difference between current polluting sources of electricity and the clean renewable energy of Solar will be more quickly closed, speeding up the transition to clean renewable energy use in the home and the workplace NOTE: Just Step 1, Upgrading the Thermal Efficiency of our homes, will more than compensate for the carbon tax of which households and small businesses are to be compensated for by the federal government. This will show that we have been able to reduce a " Tax on pollution" and actually economically benefit by it. this will be a big incentive for other nations to follow suit and speed up the process of global consensus.

The not to distant future

With homes fully energy efficient the excess renewable energy from solar can be sold to the grid for industry use. This will make homeowners masters of their own destiny and not at the mercy of mammoth energy providers.

Summing Up
Renewable Energy

We encourage you to put steps 1 and 2 at the top of your list of priorities and make these worthwhile investments towards a more economically and environmentally sustainable future.

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