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A number of installation faults effect the

R-value of Ceiling Insulation.
What is R-value?

The R-value of Ceiling Insulation is the measure of its thermal resistance. i.e. the higher the R- Value the less heat can pass through the insulation. However, the R-value of insulation is severely reduced by gaps present in the insulation. Gaps totaling 1% nearly halve the r-value of the insulation job . (See Branz graph to your right).

What effects ceiling insulation R-value?

Vitally important considerations concerning R-Value.

  • That the r-value being installed is in accord with the Building codes of Australia Recommended R-value for your area.
  • The installation of the insulation is gap free
  • Your insulation only achieves the BCA Recommended r- value for your area if it is installed FREE OF GAPS- GAP FREE.

So it is vitally important to use an insulation for your ceiling that can achieve a Gap Free Coverage. Which is exactly what you get with our commonsense advanced method of pumping in our Super-Cell Treated Cellulose Fibre . Apart from a superior insulation job treated Cellulose Fibre has many other Benefits and Advantages.CEILING-INSULATION

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Important CSIRO and BRANZ Reports on R-value:

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Are you achieving the correct R-value for your home?
Are you getting the correct r-value?
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