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Mould Mildew Removal

Mould Mildew removal Is relatively easy, yet the important thing is to not have it come back again.
The 2 necessary steps discussed below provide a lasting permanent solution to protecting your home from hazardous toxic mould and mildew.

The Cause of Mould and Mildew on ceilings and walls.

The first main cause of ceiling mold and mildew is due to the ceiling being un insulated, allowing roof condensation to fall directly onto the ceiling dampening it, making it a breading ground for mould and mildew.
Also, in winter with no or poor ceiling insulation, the warmth from your heating supply is not spreading through the house efficiently, therefore the moisture does not dry out.
This is the main reason for mould and mildew forming in the home

Secondly, a lack of adequate ventilation of ceiling (roof space) and wall cavities means any excess moisture is not being removed. Walls of the home are effected by mold and mildew due to inadequate ventilation.

Other factors that can cause mold and mildew include:

leaking roofs, due to damaged cracked tile work, fallen away ridge capping, or blocked gutters allowing water to build up and overflow into the eves of your roof and down walls or onto ceiling improper air-circulation in the home, that really requires a onsite inspection.

Follow our advice and recommendations provided at your
free onsite visit and never have mould and mildew problems again.

Healthy Home onsite inspection:

If you carry out recommendations of our onsite written recommendations after inspecting the premises your ceilings will be free of mould and mildew for good.
Take advantage of our FREE Home Thermal Energy Assessment. We provide a Written Assessment with recommendations where your homes Energy Efficiency can be improved.
Using the advanced Technology of the Infra Red Thermal Camera we can also identify leaks or moisture on your ceiling.
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Fact: In Winter longer hotter showers and more cooking can incur up to 16 litres or more of excess moisture. To protect your home from mould and mildew, and protect timbers dampening and attracting termites, it is essential to remove this excess moisture.
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An Insulation Upgrade of your ceiling with Treated Cellulose Fibre will prevent the return of toxic mould and mildew in your home.
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