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Ceiling Insulation Testimonials

Over the years insulation has been plagued by lack of relevant information. False and misleading claims and gimmicky spin advertising which has led many homeowners to believe that they are insulated because they've got insulation batts in their ceiling...

.... but they are unaware of THE VITAL IMPORTANCE OF COMPLETE COVERAGE and the virtual impossibility of achieving a complete coverage with hand placed batt type insulation.

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- Revealing all homes with hand placed batt insulation have gaps of 5% and more due to the 17+common installation faults associated with batt type insulation. Many people are also unaware of the recommended thickness required. The resulting R-value can range from 12%-25% of the BCA requirements. Energy Audits using Thermal camera technology throughout the world have revealed the reasons for their poor performance. Many homeowners throughout the advanced world are rectifying and upgrading their batt insulation with the method outlined in this web site. They are so pleased with the performance that the word is spreading. Here are some testimonials from customers who we have upgraded.

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Our customers are amazed at the difference! See testimonials inc: Mary's of Carlingford who's house was subject to a fire caused by a ducted air-con electrical fault and SAVED of damage thanks to our Amazing Superior Insulator Supercell. Read more....


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