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Insulation Upgradeinsulation upgrade

Rectifying the 17+ Common Installation Faults of Batt type Insulation upgrading its R-value to BCA requirements with the common sense method of professionally pumped in Treated Cellulose Fibre to fill up all the Gaps and Spaces in the existing insulation and add a new layer over the top of then to form a barrier equivalent to a 3 metre thick brick wall as to how much heat can get through i.e. A VIRTUAL COMPLETE INSULATION BARRIER.
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SHORT PAYBACK PERIOD. 25-33% P.A. Return on your investment.
FREE Home Thermal Barrier Energy Audits: with Advanced Thermal Camera Technology

energy-auditThe ONLY REAL way to discover the energy leaks in your home is with a professional Energy Audit using Advanced Infra-Red Technology. FREE.... You will see will your own eyes the transference of heat through ceilings walls open exhaust fans.

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Insulation Rectification for Insulation Performance and Safetyenergy audit

We specialize in rectifying poor performing ceiling insulation of existing homes. Once the "16 Common Installation Faults of Batt Type Insulation" are rectified your ceilings insulation barrier will be equivalent to a 3 metre thick brick wall as to how much heat can get through. Your home will be healthier, more naturally comfortable and safer. Getting your ceiling insulation right is Number 1 when it comes to an Energy efficient home.
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Draftstoppa & Down light coversenergy-save-products

Once achieving a gap free ceiling insulation barrier the only energy leak spaces left on your ceiling are around Down lights and, Open Exhaust fans that don't close off when not in use.
Draftstoppa is an Australian made Multi Award Winning Design. A 5-Star Energy Efficient product designed to seal open exhaust fans when not in use. Stops heat loss in Winter and Heat gain in Summer. Winner of HIA Greensmart Awards 2003.
Down light covers for Safety and Energy Efficiency. Down light covers that can be insulated over or up to eliminating the un insulated space around the down lights that considerably effect the Thermal R-value of the ceilings Thermal Barrier. Click here to understand R-value.
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Supavent for Roof and Wall Ventilation and A Healthy Homeroof-vent-supavent

Supa Vent is the worlds most advanced Roof and Wall Ventilator. Australian Made it is exported to 25 countries around the world. Made from ABS Polymer the same material that crash helmets and car bumper bars are made from. Supa Vent is the only vent with fully encased, twin precision, stainless steel ballbearings...it just keeps going and going. Withstanding even the heaviest of hailstorms, unlike metal head roof vents that can be dinted by storms, develop wobbles, make noises and prematurely wear out the bearings. Ventilation is important for the health of your home in Winter, protecting it from mould and mildew and potential termite threats, in Summer releasing the preassure cooker in your roof and Walls. Go to www.thermal-living.com.au


high Tech Window Tinting

home window tinting

The alternative to Awnings where there is a lot of glass, the judicious use of high tech window tint is by far the most the most economical way to reduce year round energy bills compared to other costly alternatives.

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