Photos, with Thermal Camera Before and After:
JOB: Kellyville NSW

Exiting insulation had been applied, Pink Batt type insulation.
Only 10 years old.
The insulation had been applied with various gaps and spaces throughout entire job.
The 3rd photo below shows a part of the home, the red left is where down lights have been safely sealed around, these could also be fitted with down light covers.
The customer having thought they where already fully insulated and at a quickly glance appeared to be, was amazed at the difference.
Installer comments: The Insulation Batts where of high r-value in good condition but there where gaps and spaces everywhere. Like most roofs I have been in, the timbers and wires would make this job impossible to achieve full coverage with batt type insulation. I got right out to the corners and edges, filled all gaps and spaces topped it up and also pulled back/ repositioned some batts as they where blocking the ventilation of they wall space out at the corners and edges. The Thermal Camera had revealed to me that this was occurring as it revealed heat to be emanating through the wall as ventilation was blocked. Once rectified the Thermal Camera revealed its success. The heat was no longer pressurizing in through the walls or ceiling.

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