How to Save Energy- 7 Smart Ways to Save Energy!

The 7 Smart Ways To Save
How to Save Energy

Around 40% of energy use in the home is attributed to home heating and air conditioning. This is arguably Australia's biggest single contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and the main reason why we are the biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world.
This is where the biggest savings and opportunities on how to save energy are.

Note: We don't have blackout by turning the tv or computer on but we do in times of (italic)peak demand when we turn the air-conditioner on. The heating and cooling component of your energy bill can be reduced by around 80%.

Thermal living shows you many ways on how to save energy. They offer homeowners a FREE HOME THERMAL EffICIENCY ENERGY AUDIT. Providing written advice and recommendations, revealing to you how to save energy in your home.
For example the Thermal Barrier across your ceiling may be doing only 12-25% of the BCA standards.This is not how to save energy. As the ceiling is the most important area and a complete/ gap free thermal barrier across your ceiling essential.

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Save Energy

Estimated R-value : only 12% of the recommended R-value.
Encapsulate, rectify & top-up poorly installed, thin, sunken, old insulation and gaps & spaces.

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115% of recommended R-value. More than you need, means its there for good you never have to do it again. -LIFETIME WARRANTY on your insulation upgrade!-

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