INSULATION: How to insulate.

How to insulation
How to Insulate:

Firstly you need to know what is required for good performance of ceiling insulation. The CSIRO states in a 1984 report on ceiling insulation:
"THE FIRST ESSENTIAL FOR GOOD PERFORMANCE OF CEILING INSULATION IS THAT the insulation be applied without gaps, otherwise the thermal insulating effect can be reduced considerably"
Furthermore what is known as the BRANZ Report (The Building Regulation Association of New Zealand) shows that a 2% gap will nearly halve the overall effective r-value of the job.

Poor ways how to insulate:

One only has to put his or her head up through the manhole and see the various obstructions and manually inaccessible areas to realize that its virtually impossible to achieve a gap free coverage with manually placed batt type insulation. This all makes the installation of batts in ceilings a very poor way to insulate a ceiling. See LINK 16 FAULTS.
Existing homes insulated in this manner have gaps starting at 5% or more with often large spaces and inaccessible areas missed, also with the thick nesses of the batts often half the recommended thickness this results in a r-rating of only 12-25% of that recommended by the Building
Codes of Australia. Rather than a good way how to insulate its actually a poor way how insulate a ceiling of a home.

The best way how to insulate:

1. How to insulate if you have NO INSULATION:

The best and most economical way to insulate, is by having Treated Cellulose Fibre Professionally pumped in to achieve a gap free insulation with an effective r-rating in accordance with BCA (Building codes of Australia), for maximum performance with lifetime warranty so that you will never need do it again. Go to home page for benefits.

How to insulate if you have existing poor performing insulation:

Have a thermal camera check, and give serious coverage
and consideration to having your batt insulation upgraded to BCA requirements.







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