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Home Heating

All home heating options are expensive to run and becoming even more expensive ...except for PASSIVE SOLAR HEATING.
To obtain maximum comfort but minimize your heating(energy) usage,
your home should be upgraded to its maximum thermal efficiency.
i.e. All avenues of heat loss that can be stopped should be. Otherwise as soon as your heating up your home its going back out again.
Home thermal efficiency is the ability of your home to catch the days warmth and hold in any further warmth generated from heaters.

Don't throw money away on a heating system that's more than you really need and costs a fortune to run and maintain.
This unnecessary expense can be avoided so that you can enjoy:
natural comfort + low energy bills + low emissions

Avoid areas of Heat Loss :

  • A 2% gap in ceiling insulation will halve its thermal r- value.
  • Gaps around down lights account for a further 2%.
  • Insulation gaps are typically 5% or more.
  • Heat escaping through Open exhaust fans draw in cold drafts.
  • Unprotected glass lets out 10 times as much heat as a wall.
Consequently the thermal barrier across your ceiling results to poor comfort, high energy bills and high emissions and needs a thermal upgrade.

Detect energy leaks Now and SAVE
To identify areas in your home that need rectification and upgrading, take advantage of our Free Thermal Infra-red Camera Assessment. This advanced technology will provide you with an accurate picture of where you are losing precious warmth. The written recommendations will set out how you can economically rectify these sources of energy wastage.

Free Home Thermal Efficiency Assessment
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heating and cooling

Home heating options include:

  • Gas space heaters
  • Radiators
  • Oil filled column heaters
  • Blower heaters
  • Ducted air conditioning (H+C)
  • Split system air-conditioners (H+C)
  • Passive solar heating - FREE Home Heating!

Passive solar heating : FREE HOME HEATING!

Because in Australia we get a lot of nice sunny days in winter open the blinds and drapes and let the warmth from that lower winter sun stream into the home and catch it with a "complete thermal barrier across your ceiling". Then when the sun goes down close the drapes and blinds, to stop that free days warmth escaping through the glass. Note: Blinds are not a sufficient barrier, one should have well fitted thick drapes, with plenty of folds to prevent the precious days warmth conducting through the glass.

- Heating and cooling of your home accounts for around 40% of your overall power bill.
- Your energy usage/ bills can to be reduced by around 80%
- Thermal Living has customers that are naturally comfortable without heating.

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