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Fact: The highest contributor to greenhouse gases in Australia is the heating and cooling of homes.
Artificial Heating and cooling of homes is an unaffordable stressful expense. Professionally Pumped in, Treated Cellulose Fibre Ceiling Insulation provides a lasting complete solution for existing homes with no insulation OR existing Insulation. NO Gaps or Spaces.We have customers that are naturally comfortable without heating.
- (See Benefits and Added Advantages of Cellulose Fibre).
- Lifetime Warranty .

Important CSIRO and BRANZ Reports regarding Home Heating and Home Cooling:

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Did you know?

- Heating and cooling of your home accounts for around 40% of your overall power bill.

- Your energy usage/ bills can to be reduced by around 80%.

The 7 Smart Ways to Save: Part 1- Heating and Cooling www.thermal-living.com.au

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