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Q: Do i need an Insulation Upgrade?
A:If you have Batt type ceiling insulation that was installed before the year 2000 then the answer is most likely yes. Find out for sure with our Free Home Thermal Energy Audit.
Q: Insulation Prices, what does ceiling insulation cost?
A: The price of the insulation is very economical and competitive. For a firm Quote we need to be able to inspect the premises to be insulated. Phone: (02)9683-3335 to arrange a FREE QUOTE.
Q: What is the best ceiling insulation?
A: One that uses an installation method that can achieve complete coverage. Hand placed Batt type insulation does not achieve this essential requirement. One that's pumped in
See Treated Cellulose Fibre.
Q: What is R-value of Insulation?
A: The R -value is the measure of thermal resistance of an insulating material. The higher the R-value the less heat can pass through the insulation. NOTE: The R-value of the insulation material and the R-value of the job can vary considerably due to the "17 Common Installation Faults" resulting in Gaps and Spaces of 5% Plus which will halve the thermal performance of the actual insulation job.
Hand placed Batts are not suitable for installation in existing roofs and should only be used in walls of new homes when being built.
Q: Since having batts put in my ceiling, my house is hotter in Summer, how is this so?
A: The severe heat in your roof comes down through gaps and spaces in your manually placed batts (due to just some of the "17 Common Installation Faults" associated with hand placed Batt type insulation.) where it penetrates through the gyp rock into your home. It also spreads across the gyp rock heating it up and allowing much more heat to enter your living areas. During heat waves the heat spreads more widely across your ceiling to the stage where it is just flowing in as if your not insulated. However this heat is then trapped inside your home by the insulation meaning that to stay comfortable the Air-conditioning is on constantly.
This is known as " The Heat Sink Effect", and is one of the biggest weaknesses of hand placed Batt insulation in ceilings.
This is why hand placed Batt type Insulation is a very poor way to insulate the ceilings of existing homes and should only be used used in the walls of homes when being built.
See: the "17 Common Installation Faults" .
So it is of paramount importance to have a gap free Thermal Barrier right across your ceiling.
This can be achieved by an Insulation Upgrade.


Estimated R-value : only 12% of the recommended R-value. Encapsulate, rectify & top-up poorly installed, thin, sunken, old insulation with gaps & spaces.

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115% of recommended R-value. More than you need, means its there for good you never have to do it again. -LIFETIME WARRANTY on your insulation upgrade!-

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