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Energy Efficiency is a term derived from what was originally called energy conservation, That is to get the performance we want with the least use of energy possible.

The greatest problem effecting Energy Efficiency is the wastage of energy in our homes in particular heating and cooling. With 40% of your average energy bill attributed to heating and cooling, this is where the biggest
efficiency improvements can be made. By having the thermal efficiency of your home upgraded you can cut your heating and cooling bills by around 80%, significantly improving the energy efficiency of your home.
Whilst other Areas to look at regarding energy efficiency in your home are also important such as (IN ORDER OF PRIORITY):

1. Efficiency in Home Heating and Cooling Home
2. Solar Hot Water
3. Energy Saving Appliances
4. Energy Saving Lighting

The savings made on thermally upgrading your homes energy effifiency alone, can be considerably more than all these areas combined.

Your homes Energy Efficiency:

Number One on the list regarding your homes Energy Efficiency are the reductions to be made on home heating and cooling by upgrading the Thermal Efficiency of your home, that is:

Insulation Upgrade: The 3 steps of bringing the thermal barrier of your ceiling to full capacity.
1.Complete insulation Barrier.
2. Downlights Covers.
3. Exhaust fans that seal shut when not in use.

Awnings/ Drapes and Window Tinting: Ways to stop heat loss through windows in winter and ways to stop heat gain through windows in summer.Ways to eliminate drafts.
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Roof and wall Ventilation: How to reduce heat entering living space through walls in summer. Click here for SupaVent Roof Vent.

These Energy Efficiency investments have a very short payback period resulting in double digit returns on your investment, year in year out.

If every one was to make these energy efficiency measures peak demand would be reduced considerably. This would go a long way to reducing the infrastructure needed for our energy supply and negate further double digit price rises in power bills.

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Energy Efficiency

Here You will find all the solutions to make your home energy tight so your using natural ways to stop wastage instead of using expensive ways to compensate for all the areas of wastage such as...

energy efficiency and downlights
energy efficiency and windows
energy efficiency and ceiling insulation
energy efficiency and exhaust fans
energy efficiency and heating home
energy efficiency and cooling home


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