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Home Thermal Efficiency Assessment
Energy Audits
With Advanced Infra-Red Thermal Camera Technology For Health, Electrical Safety and Energy Efficiency

We use Advanced Thermal Camera Technology to take you on a tour through your home revealing your homes hidden energy leaks.

energy audits

Free home energy audits are available to Australian homeowners of Sydney NSW. Thermal Living offer you their unique home energy Assessment

What can a Thermal Camera Home Energy Audit do for you?

  • Reveals areas in your home where energy efficiency can be improved.
  • Reveal Thermal inefficiencies in the home that when rectified can mean big savings.
  • Show you where heat loss and gains are in your home that you are unaware of, which when rectified and upgraded
    can save you around 80% of your heating and cooling bill.
  • Point out where you can rectify and upgrade any areas in your home that are inefficient so that you make big savings on energy and reduce your emissions.
  • Aware you how to prepare your home ready to benefit from and rely on solar.
  • Provide recommendations that have short payback periods.

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