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Once you have done achieved the following "keeping the home cooler treatments" you will find there is little need if any for artificial cooling such as air-conditioning. When thinking about cooling the home we should look at ways to keep the home cool in the first place. This means keeping the heat out of the ceiling, walls and passing through windows. Which one, or a combination of these cooling home treatments depends on your particular circumstance.

Cooling Home Treatments.

The 3 main areas to keep the heat out are from

    #1 The Ceiling/ Full coverage

    A Gap Free Barrier is Essential for it to perform effectively.
    This includes:
    - The Ceiling Insulation:
    Infra-red thermal Camera has revealed most Australian homes are poorly insulated. Is your home one? This can be rectified. Insulation energy efficiency upgrade and rectification: to ensure your insulation is maximized for your homes sustainability.

    ...and also includes:
    - Spaces Around your down lights:
    Isolite/ for Safety and Energy Efficiency.
    - Your open exhaust fans:
    Draftstoppa/ for Health and Energy Efficiency.

    #2 Cooling Home- Walls:

    The walls can be cooled in summer by the installation of roof vents (because the wall cavity continues up into the roof space, its all one air space) so vents don't just take excess heat out of your roof space but also your wall cavities. SupaVent is recommended, and is the most Superior performing Roof vent available and Australian made.

    #3 Cooling Home- Window Treatments:

    Unprotected glass lets out 10 times as much heat as a wall. During summer when the suns rays pass through the glass the infra red (heat) part of those rays is weakened and and and is trapped inside the home and is unable to get back out. So the windows act like radiators heating the room even with internal blinds closed, because the blinds are only stopping the suns rays from directly hitting your or the furnishings, naturally the heat takes the path of least resistance traveling in and around your blinds, thus heating up your room excessively.
    So its not stopping the heat coming into your home.

    Solutions for Cooling Home Window Treatments are:

    Direct on the glass with latest High Tech solar control Window Film , (Home Window Tinting).
    External Awnings
    Deciduous trees, (deciduous- that is they shade the windows in summer, and loose their leaves in winter allowing the lower winter sun in) .

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HOME COOLINGHeating and cooling of your home accounts for around 40% of your overall power bill.

Your energy usage/ bills can to be reduced by around 80%

Thermal Living has customers that are naturally comfortable without heating.

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