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Cellulose fibre insulation

Cellulose fibre was invented by a Finish inventor around one 130 years ago and is widely used around the world to insulate ceilings and upgrade the old Batt insulation in ceilings. Over 1 million Australian homes have been insulated with cellulose fibre.

SUPER-CELL Treated Cellulose Fibre Ceiling Insulation Benefits

  • Short payback period 3-4 years that's 25-33% per annum return on your investment, or 1 yr depending on current Air
    Con Use which is reduced dramatically - SLASHED BILLS.
  • Complete insulation with no Gaps or spaces achieves the highest Star Energy Rating.
  • Less Solar needed to supply your energy needs.
  • Written Lifetime Warranty.
  • HIGHER SAVINGS Halve your Heating and Cooling Bills,
  • Acoustic Insulation reduces sound travelling through house.
  • Significantly Enhanced Natural Comfort.
  • Significantly reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Encapsulated hazardous glass fibres and resins associated with old type batts.
  • Improve the Health and Safety of your Home
  • Protects your home from Mould and Mildew
  • Repels Vermin, no need to have your pest control service done in your roof anymore.
  • Protects your home from fires caused by electrical fault
    (Does not burn and unlike Batt insulation, does not melt allowing a fire to continue on its way.

What is Cellulose Fibre Ceiling Insulation made from:

A CSIRO, Division of Building Research information sheet on ceiling insulation states:
"What are they made from? Cellulose fibre is usually made from Newspapers which are pulverized to give a fine fluff since paper is flammable a fire retardant such as a mixture Borax and Boric acid is added by the manufacturer".
These 2 naturally occurring chemical compounds are mixed with the pulverized paper fibres forming a permanent bond with the residual moisture in the newspaper. Apart from being amazingly fire retardant these 2 chemicals are also Anti-bacterial's and Anti Fungal's and
are used in many soaps and moisturizing creams, and Boric acid used in the manufacture of some eye drops. Also Powdered Borax can be bought in the supermarket and is used to spread around the skirting boards of older homes to rid the home of cockroaches. The Borax sticks to the moist body of the cockroach and when it goes back to its nest it kills the roach not by poisoning it but buy taking the moisture out of its body.

Another Benefits and Advantage of Cellulose Fibre Ceiling Insulation:

Treated cellulose fibre ceiling insulation is as allergy-free as you can get and is less toxic than table salt.

R-value of Treated Cellulose Fibre:

The insulating effect of cellulose fibre ceiling insulation is a result of the
transference of heat being retarded by the many air cells within the fibres when its pumped in,its fluffed slightly so that its also got air-locks between the fibres.
It's very name CELL-ulose fibre means that their are tiny are cells with the fibres themselves as with hair, wool, fur, feathers and cork which are all natural insulators.
Everyone knows how good an insulator paper is- a couple of sheets around a bottle keeps the heat out, around fish and chips keeps the heat in etc. The level pumped into a ceiling 125-133 mm. is equivalent to a 3 metre +thick brick wall in how much heat can get through- more than you really need but it means that its there for good and unlike batts you will never have to upgrade or do it again.






Estimated R-value : only 12% of the recommended R-value.
Encapsulate, rectify & top-up poorly installed, thin, sunken, old insulation and gaps & spaces.

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115% of recommended R-value. More than you need, means its there for good you never have to do it again. -LIFETIME WARRANTY on your insulation upgrade!

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