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Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation is number one when it comes to Energy Efficiency in your home. Getting your ceiling insulation right will save you a lot of money over the years to come. See Types of ceiling insulation

Take some time to understand the pros and cons of ceiling insulation:

Ceiling Insulation is the main component of your ceilings thermal barrier. The most important aspect of ceiling insulation is that it achieves complete coverage. Unfortunately the insulation in ceilings of many homes has not achieved anywhere near the desirable coverage due to some or many of the 17 Common Insulation Installation Faults associated with manually placed Batts type ceiling insulation. Many of these homes with existing ceiling insulation are insulated well under the required thickness specified by The Building Codes Of Australia (BCA) . The very poor condition of ceiling insulation in existing homes is a major contributor to double digit price rises in electricity bills and a major producer of greenhouse gases.

Performance of Ceiling Insulation and the importance of COMPLETE coverage:

Just gaps of 1-5% will nearly halve the effective thermal r-rating of your ceiling insulation. Poor performing ceiling insulation can be completely rectified. Studies carried out by authorities such as the CSIRO* and BRANZ* , reveal why full coverage is essential for the effective performance of Ceiling Insulation.

The best way how to insulate:

1. How to insulate if you have NO INSULATION:

The best and most economical way to insulate, is by having Treated Cellulose Fibre Professionally pumped in to achieve a gap free insulation with an effective r-rating in accordance with BCA (Building codes of Australia), for maximum performance with LIFETIME WARRANTY so that you will never need do it again. For Benefits CLICK HERE.

Existing ceiling insulation performance check:

Infra-Red Thermal Camera Technology: used by us at Thermal Living can show you the state of your existing ceiling insulation,graphically revealing any missed areas, gaps etc that may be causing your home to be uncomfortable due to poor coverage.

We offer a Free all over Home Thermal Efficiency Assessment also, providing you with recommendations, economical solutions that you can use as reference in order to bring your home up to date with Energy Efficiency Requirements. Maximizing your homes energy rating, helping you with Smart Ways to do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint, keeping your home healthy, safe and naturally comfortable.

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*CSIRO:Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization.
*BRANZ: Building Regulations Authority of New Zealand.


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BRANZ (Building Regulations Authority of New Zealand reveals: ceiling insulation r-value

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