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Clean sources of alternative energy such as Solar, Wind and Geo Thermal are more costly than the polluting energy we get from Coal. However technological advances and economies of scale will see their effectiveness rise and there prices fall over the next few years.

Other forms of alternative energy which are less polluting than coal but never the less still producing greenhouse gas emissions such as gas and coal seam gas are environmentally questionable.
All these forms of energy are going to be expensive, so its imperative to minimize your homes energy use, whilst maintaining a more naturally comfortable home that is more economically and environmentally sustainable.

Alternative Energy: Home Thermal Efficiency

Once homeowners upgrade the thermal efficiency of their home, they are then ready to take advantage of solar as they won't need as much solar to provide for all their energy needs. So the investment in energy efficiency means less money to lay out for alternative energy such as solar. This is economically and environmentally ideal.
This will avert the economic crisis that we find ourselves in and move us into a more sustainable way of living.

Investments in making your home more Thermally Efficiency have double digit returns, year in year out, as well as providing a more healthy natural comfort and significantly lowering emissions.

...So before
Installing Alternative Energy such as Solar Power:

Make sure you have all the necessary ways to upgrade the thermal efficiency of your home, in place.
...that is:

Number 1:
Ensure your ceilings Thermal Barrier is complete!
Arrange a Free Home Thermal Assessment.

Number 2:
Ensure your home is up to date with The 7 Smart Ways to Save. GO TO : WWW.THERMAL-LIVING.COM.AU











Clean Alternative Energy:

  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Geo Thermal

Other Questionable forms of Alternative Energy:

  • Gas
  • Coal Seam Gas

Maximize your homes Energy Efficiency 1st:

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