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Before finalizing your decision on which air-conditioning system you are going to install, ensure your homes thermal barrier is complete, check that your home is up to date with the The 7 Smart Ways to Save. You can visually identify your homes thermal barrier performance with a FREE Infra-Red Thermal Camera Home Energy Efficiency Assessment. This will provide you instant onsite photos showing you whether your homes thermal Barrier is up to BCA standards. Revealing hidden energy leaks around the home that can be easily and economically rectified, such as heat entering through ceiling, windows, walls, open exhaust fans etc.

Air-conditioning Systems:

With an Insulation Upgrade and The 7 Smart Ways applied to your home you would not need ducted air-conditioning. Just a split system air conditioner would be sufficient and be used rarely, and only for a short period of time. Some people like asthma sufferers who cant have the inferior quality air from air-conditioning are comfortable enough after an Insulation Upgrade. If more comfort is required install ceiling fans which are dirt cheap to run, that way even in a blackout your comfy, far more economically and environmentally friendly.

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Installing Air- conditioning?

We have customers that are extremely comfortable without air-conditioning. The use of air-conditioning is the main factor contributing to peak demand.

Why are we so dependant on air-conditioning?

Because Australian homes are poorly insulated. You "think" your insulated BUT your not. If your ceiling insulation has gaps and spaces totaling 1-5 %, air-conditioning will be used unnecessarily to compensate for your poor thermal barrier. A large percentage of existing Australian homes have been insulated with poorly installed batts due to ignorance about the importance of COMPLETE COVERAGE. This means that you still need too large an Air-Conditioner unit which you will use too often, too much, to compensate for the gaps and spaces across the ceilings thermal barrier causing the poor performing state of the ceiling insulation.

The 7 Smart Ways To Save
Part 1: Heating and Cooling

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